Mervyn Upton was a well-known local schoolteacher in Eastville, Bristol.


He taught many generations of children, mainly at Sefton park and Glenfrome Primary School. Such was the length of his career that for several of his early pupils he also taught their children.


Mervyn was a lively man, chatty, interested in people and with many hobbies. He aimed to share his hobbies with his pupils, through his after school clubs.

Mervyn ran both stamp club and film club at Glenfrome Primary School for many years. The film club won several awards from movie maker magazine during the 1970s and you can see examples of the films on this website.


As executors of Mervyns estate we wanted to ensure that his memory lives on, and have set up this website as a way to bring elements of his life together.

Many of Mervyns films are here, we had them converted from cinefilm to DVD very kindly by David Elsbury, who gave his time and skill to help us.


Mervyn also wrote his memoir and huge thanks go to Pamela Bush. Pam painstakingly typed up many pages of Mervyns hand written notes and skilfully edited them for us.

As a lasting memory to Mervyn the executors have also purchased a bench for the playground at Glenfrome Primary School.


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